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Advocate & Intellectual Property Attorney
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Manish M. Bhagnari

B.Com. & LL.B.

Legal Solutions for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) since 1999


Advocate Sonali S. Bhagat, LL. M.

Areas of Practice

Intellectual Property Law
    - Trade Marks Law
    - Patent Law
    - Copyright Law
    - Design Law

About Intellectual Property Rights

I am an Inetellectual Property Attorney, specializing in Trademark, Patent, Design, and Copyright Law. My practice focuses on providing representation for clients, and to assist them with the process of registering, maintaining, and protecting their intellectual property rights in India and abroad. I also provide advice, consultation, and expertise, for all other kinds of matters pertaining to Intellectual Property Laws & Rights.

The legal assistance & guidance is available for all kinds of creations as well as innovations by individuals, enterpreneurs, firms, corporations, organisations, as well as advertising companies and brand consultants. For example creators of artistic work, inventors, designers, from diverse fields, such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer engineering, computer programming, biotechnology, media, advertisng and branding, film and music industry, and broadcasting corporations. If you have any kind of invention, an idea for an invention, any questions about the trademark, patent, and copyright registration and filing process or procedure, or any questions about any mattar relating to Intellectual Property Laws & Rights, I hope this site will provide with some useful guidance to start with, as well as resources you may need. You may also ask me for further information, assitance, guidance, and/or help regarding your Intellectual Property needs.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

I provide the legal expertise pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights of advertising companies, brand managers, professionals, business men, firms, corporations, organisations, independent inventors, writers, artists, etc., located across India and other countries, for their Intellectual Property Rights - Patents, Trademark,s Copyrigts, and Designs.

I reside in Ulhasnagar, which is a suburb of Bombay (Mumbai), and my office is in Bombay. The clients residing and/or working in Bombay and it's suburbs can meet me, after taking an appointment, at my office. Those residing in other parts of India and abroad may just need to communicate with me via emails and telephone, as most of the Intellectual Property work - such as applications, patent specification drafting, licensing, agreements, and contracts - can be done without any client meeting me in person.

The procedure and other details are mentioned in the respective headings.  It's my advice to
browse this website to learn and to understand about your rights under the Intellectual Propery Laws.

For more information, write to me by email or give a call at any of my phone numbers.

Please note that the information contained in this website is not intended to be a definitive authority on, and/or analysis of any legislation, law, rules of law, procedures, and/or such other issues pertaining to any jurisdiction. All the information in this website is of general nature, and is intended only for the purposes of guidance. Professional advice should always be taken before any course of action is pursued, to avoid any kind of loss, legal problems, and/or legal hassles.