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Manish M. Bhagnari

B.Com. & LL.B.

Trade Marks

Online Application Procedure

The procedure for trademark registration is fairly simple now. The application for registration of trademark will be made online at the 'e-Filing of Trademark Registration' facility of the Trademark Registry. Prior to this online mode of application, the applications had to be made only at the five Trademark offices situated at Bombay (Head Office), Delhi, Calcutta (Kolkata), Madras (Chennai), and Ahmedabad. The entire procedure for such applications is tedious.

As the application can be made online, the clients need only to submit some details to me via the email. The clients residing in and around Bombay city can meet me in person at my office at Fort, Bombay with prior appointments.

The following details will be required for 'e-Filling of the Trademark Registration', i.e., online application for the registration of trademark.

1.  The applicant(s) 'name' and complete 'address'.
2.  The JPEG file of the trademark, logo, etc. that is to be applied for trademark registration.
3.  The nature of business or services engaged by the applicant(s), for which the trademark will        be used (in order to ascertain the Class in which the application will be made).

Once the application is made I send to the applicant via email the 'filing details', the 'filing receipt', and the 'search receipt' in PDF file format. Thereafter I will send a Power-of-Attorney (POA) by email, which he applicant need to print, and then have the Franking (of Rs. 100/-) done on it. This POA with Franking done on it need to be signed by the applicant(s) and sent back at my address by registered post. The POA is required to be submitted at the Trademark Office for the procedural purposes. It shows that the agent/attorney has the authority to file the application on behalf of the applicant(s).